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Early Days in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Photo Images

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Thompson's Stagecoach
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: John Thompson's Richmond Hill-to-Toronto stagecoach, 1880-1896.
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: compared with more than three hours for John Thompson's venerable stagecoach line. Single fare was forty cents: a return trip
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: brought instant change to Richmond Hill. Thompson's stagecoach went out of business as travellers
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Tom Riley and Dave Benson driving John Thompson's stagecoach, a relic from pre-radial
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: featuring decorated automobiles, floats, Thompson's venerable stagecoach, as well as "old-time
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: mail and received his incoming mail from Charles Thompson's Yonge Street stagecoach line - once a day to and from Toronto and once a
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: John Thompson's Richmond Hill-to-Toronto stagecoach, 1880-1896. After that, Thompson's old

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