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Table of Contents

Title Page
Author's Preface
1 The Road through Richmond Hill
2 First Peoples on the Land
3 The European Settlers Arrive
4 From Miles' Hill to Richmond Hill: The Birth of a Community
5 Tories and Reformers
6 Stagecoach Lines and Railway Tracks
7 The Neighbours at Mid-Century
8 Fire Brigades and Fence Viewers
9 Picture Post Card Village of the 1880s and 1890s
10 Rails through Richmond Hill
11 The Flowering of Richmond Hill
12 The Village Transformed
Table of Illustrations
Choir at the dedication of a new organ at the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church in 1915. Pictured left to right are: J.H. Dunlop,H. Rowley,L. McNair,James Stewart,A.L. Phipps,Joseph Atkinson,George Sims,Ira Ramer,W. Robinson,J. Aikenhead,W. Oliver,D. Cooper,Tom Scott,Miss E. Gordon,Miss Douglas,Dr. L. Langstaff,Mrs. E. Newton,Mrs. A.L. Phipps,Mrs. Sterling,Miss Pentland,Miss E. Mcnair,Miss M. Cooper,Miss Hammond,Miss Margaret Moodie,Mrs. R. Cooper,Miss P. Batty,Miss H. Lang,Mrs. Mckenzie,Mrs. J. Innes,Mrs. Amos Wright,Miss Heise. Three top right are Mrs. Scott,Mrs. J. Atkinson,Miss Boyle. Front row: Miss D. Mckenzie,Miss Carol Innes,Miss J. Lomas,Mrs. W. Oliver,Mrs. Simpson,Mrs. Godwin,Miss G. Prett,Mrs. Van Wart,Mrs. Allen, unknown, Miss V. Jennings,Miss L. Innes,Reverend R. Herbison,F. Converse Smith,J.E. Newton,Miss Sisman,E. Caldwell.
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