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Early Days in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Photo Images

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Langstaff, James Miles (1825-1889)
1  Richmond Hill Photo Images: husband, on the front lawn of the Langstaff home, medical office, and village
2  Early Days in Richmond Hill: for Mrs. McConaghy. A daughter of Dr. James and Mary Ann Langstaff and a
3  Early Days in Richmond Hill: business in Richmond Hill in 1849. Dr. James Langstaff, and his wife, Mary Ann Miller
4  Early Days in Richmond Hill: doctors (John Duncumb and James Langstaff) and one veterinary surgeon (Henry
5  Early Days in Richmond Hill: and saddlery shop Henry Hopper, butcher James Langstaff, physician J.M. Lawrence, barrister - though
6  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Langstaff and a grandson of Abner Miles, James Langstaff provided a link with Richmond Hill's
7  Early Days in Richmond Hill: just north of the village core, Langstaff healed the sick and patched up accident victims
8  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Young." Nine-year-old Bruce Langstaff's 1952 school speech about his grandfather,
9  Early Days in Richmond Hill: issues occasionally erupted, like Reeve James Langstaff's 1880 comic-opera run-in with poundkeeper
10  Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church
11  Early Days in Richmond Hill: Doctor - James Langstaff
12  Early Days in Richmond Hill: no worse than any pill That we got from Langstaff's father On the " Green of Richmond

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