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1860s and earlier
Wright family photo albums, 1860-1900
Photos circa 1900 to 1940


Home built by James Miles (son of Abner Miles) at the southwest corner of Yonge Street and Major Mackenzie Drive, as it looked in 1885. The home was occupied for many years by Miles' nephew James Playter Jr., and later by the Boyle family.
Drynoch, the residence of Captain Martin Macleod, west of Yonge Street and north of Jefferson Sideroad. Macleod built the home in 1846, named it after his home estate in Scotland, and made it the headquarters of his vast 600-acre (about 240-hectare) Canadian farming operation. One of his sons, Colonel James Macleod, achieved fame with the North-West Mounted Police and came to be regarded as a founding father of southern Alberta.
Dr. Gray's residence at the north-east corner of Yonge and Major Mackenzie, c1885.

Following the fire, Crosby rebuilt and renamed his emporium the Fire Proof Store - known to succeeding generations of village shoppers simply as "The Fire Proof." Here the store is shown bearing the name of his son and successor, Isaac Crosby.
The Fire-Proof Store sometime in the 1880s.
The interior of Brown's store at Yonge and Centre Streets. John Brown ran his grocery store in the village from 1872-1884.
Employees in front of Archibald Wright's carriage and undertaking business on the west side of Yonge Street (present-day site of Marshall Funeral Home) sometime in the 1880s.
John Thompson's Richmond Hill-to-Toronto stagecoach, 1880-1896.
Employees in front of the Newton Tanning Company at Elgin Mills. c1880.
Bond Lake Hotel and stables.

Building the Richmond Hill Methodist (later United) Church in 1880-81.
The completed Methodist Church, dedicated in October 1881.
The interior of Richmond Hill Methodist Church.
Presbyterian Church and manse, with Reverend W. Webb Percival, his wife, and son. Percival ministered to the Richmond Hill congregation from 1887 to 1894.
St. Mary's Anglican Church, after completion of spire.
Headford Methodist Church, built in 1882, with the original steeple.
St. John's Anglican Church,Jefferson.


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This electronic finding aid to the local historical photos of Richmond Hill is provided courtesy of the Richmond Hill Public Library.