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1860s and earlier
Wright family photo albums, 1860-1900
Photos circa 1900 to 1940


Reverend James Grant and his family in front of the Presbyterian manse. On the left is Mrs. Grant's sister Hedley MacKay Pentland, then Jessie Grant, and Rev. Grant. The baby on the lawn is the Grants' son Robert.
Reverend James Grant, his wife, Jessie and children Robert, Reay, and George, pictured in front of the Presbyterian manse. Grant ministered to the Richmond Hill congregation from 1894 to 1909.
Mr. and Mrs. James Mahoney, their children, and grandchildren. The Mahoneys lived at the west end of Mill Street. Mr. Mahoney worked at the Patterson implement factory for $1.50 a day.
The Cowie children, left to right, Helen (Nellie),Charlie,Margaret, and Gladys.
Four generations of Chamberlain women. Seated at left is Mary Chamberlain, and beside her, her daughter Harriet Mapes. Standing in back is Harriet's daughter Elizabeth Ashman, and the little girl in front is Elizabeth's daughter Ida. The picture was taken in 1895 by J.& J. Millikin, Toronto.
W. D. Atkinson family. William David Atkinson with his wife Frances Trench and son William Donald Trench Atkinson. This photo was likely taken in 1894. W.D. Trench died in 1895 and Donald was born in 1891.
The Routledge family of Oak Ridges. Pictured left to right are: Marsh,John,Hettie,Peter Routledge,Emma (Mrs. Peter) Routledge,Mary Jane Routledge (Peter's sister), and C. Harper, the mail carrier. Seated on the grass are: Charlie,Watson, and Lucy.Peter Routledge was appointed postmaster at Oak Ridges in 1889, and ran the mail operation from his home. c1894.
The Routledge family of Oak Ridges. Seated on the left is mail carrier C. Harper. Standing, left to right, are: Hettie, Charlie, Emma (Mrs. Peter) Routledge, Lucy, Peter Routledge, and Mary Jane Routledge, Peter's sister. Sitting on the grass are Marsh, John, and Watson.

Dr. Rolph Langstaff as a recent graduate.
Dr. Rolph Langstaff, with his housekeeper and her husband, on the front lawn of the Langstaff home, medical office, and village "hospital," circa 1895. The house was built in 1849, facing Yonge Street; in the twentieth century it was moved to the rear of the property, and today faces Hall Street.
The Carroll children. Left to right: Lillian, Harry, and Anson.
The Carroll children. Left to right: Harry, Lillian, and Anson.
Lillian Carroll with her uncle, David Carlisle.
Lillian Carroll at age 15.
Lillian and Isabel Carroll with a friend, Jessie Malcolm (centre)
Lillian and Isabel Carroll with a friend, Jessie Malcolm (centre)
The house built by Abraham Law in 1832 with the Amos J. Wright family on the front lawn. Left to right are Osmond, Lucetta, Lucetta Alene Olive, Amos, and Myrtal. Amos J. Wright's wife Lucetta was the daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Law. The photo was likely taken around 1899. Young Lucetta died in 1901.
Students of Richmond Hill Public School in 1891. The principal at the time was Mr. J. Clubine,who earned $500 a year. The two teachers were Miss Eliza Newton, who earned $275 a year, and Mrs. Wiley, who earned $200 a year.
Pupils and teacher at Patterson School, September 1898.


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This electronic finding aid to the local historical photos of Richmond Hill is provided courtesy of the Richmond Hill Public Library.