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1860s and earlier
Wright family photo albums, 1860-1900
Photos circa 1900 to 1940


Marion Smith Graham in front of the old Colonel Moodie home on Lot 49 East, Yonge Street
Tea in the garden, with lace tablecloth and all. Margaret McConaghy, left, and Effie (Hollingshead) Smith.
Jerry Smith's house and store with Margaret McConaghy (left) and his wife Effie (Hollingshead) Smith on the porch. This photo was taken by Jerry Smith in the summer of 1900.
Two of Jerry and Effie Smith's children having a Saturday night bath in the kitchen. On the left is Queenie (Edith) and on the right, Beatrice.
Professor H.R. Playtner preparing lobster with Jerry Smith's daughters watching. Prof. Playtner was Jerry Smith's horology professor.
Ready for a sleigh ride in 1902 at the Newbery family home, north of Elgin Mills. Pictured left to right are Jennie Newbery,Mrs. George Newbery with baby Eleanor,Maude Murphy,Katherine Newbery (Mrs. W.F. Carter), Grace Newbery (Mrs. D.H. Pinkerton), and Gertrude Murphy (Mrs. C. Kelson).
The Newbery sleigh.
Tennis at the Newbery home, circa 1900. Pictured left to right are George Newbery 2nd.,Grace Newbery (Mrs. D.H. Pinkerton), Oswald Newbery,Katherine Newbery (Mrs. W.F. Carter), Alex Newbery,Gertrude Murphy (Mrs. C. Kelson), and Jennie Newbery.
Josh Horner and his milk wagon in front of the Horner family home on Lot 20, Concession 2, Markham Township. Horner operated the first milk delivery business in the area.
Dr. Rolph Langstaff's first car, a 1902 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout.
Dr. Rolph Langstaff, the first automobile owner in Richmond Hill, at the wheel of his 1908 Ford Model S Roadster.
A 1900 photograph of cousins Isabel Carroll (left) and Lillian Carroll.
Medical school classmates Lillian Carroll (left) and Edith Beatty.
Edith Beatty (left) and Lillian Carroll.
Lillian Carroll Langstaff at her 1905 medical school graduation.
Dr. Rolph Langstaff's favorite horse Birdie.

Matthew Teefy, longtime village postmaster and secretary-treasurer, pictured with his three daughters on the front porch of the Richmond Hill Post Office.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Brooke on the front porch of the Dollar Post Office, July 1, 1907.
The P.G. Savage family of Richmond Hill, pictured in 1909. Left to right are Palmer (son of Will), Mrs. Will (Palmer) Savage,Armand with his son Peter,Susan (Mrs. Armand) Savage,Albert,William, and Mrs. Albert Savage with her son Keith. Seated are P.G. (Peter Gould) Savage and his second wife, Theodora Hillman Savage.
A member of the Savage family ready for skating.
Leslie and Mary (Ritchie) Innes on their 50th wedding anniversary, May 8, 1907, in front of their home at 124 Richmond Street, with their three sons, left to right, Alexander Ritchie Innes,John Leslie Innes, and William Innes.
Susannah Maxwell. (1805-1922). Richmond Hill's and Canada's oldest citizen at the time of her death.
The David Wellington Clubine family, circa 1901 at Brookside. In the back row, left to right are: Vera, David, Ezra (Lorne), Ethel, Stella, Mary, and on her lap the baby, Marjory. At the front are Edna and Gilbert. In the photos in the background are Ezra Clubine, and his wife, Christina.
The Brown sisters, circa 1900. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Dewsbury.
The Brown sisters, circa 1900. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Dewsbury.


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This electronic finding aid to the local historical photos of Richmond Hill is provided courtesy of the Richmond Hill Public Library.