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1860s and earlier
Wright family photo albums, 1860-1900
Photos circa 1900 to 1940


Choir at the dedication of a new organ at the Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church in 1915. Pictured left to right are: J.H. Dunlop,H. Rowley,L. McNair,James Stewart,A.L. Phipps,Joseph Atkinson,George Sims,Ira Ramer,W. Robinson,J. Aikenhead,W. Oliver,D. Cooper,Tom Scott,Miss E. Gordon,Miss Douglas,Dr. L. Langstaff,Mrs. E. Newton,Mrs. A.L. Phipps,Mrs. Sterling,Miss Pentland,Miss E. Mcnair,Miss M. Cooper,Miss Hammond,Miss Margaret Moodie,Mrs. R. Cooper,Miss P. Batty,Miss H. Lang,Mrs. Mckenzie,Mrs. J. Innes,Mrs. Amos Wright,Miss Heise. Three top right are Mrs. Scott,Mrs. J. Atkinson,Miss Boyle. Front row: Miss D. Mckenzie,Miss Carol Innes,Miss J. Lomas,Mrs. W. Oliver,Mrs. Simpson,Mrs. Godwin,Miss G. Prett,Mrs. Van Wart,Mrs. Allen, unknown, Miss V. Jennings,Miss L. Innes,Reverend R. Herbison,F. Converse Smith,J.E. Newton,Miss Sisman,E. Caldwell.
Mary Lillian McConaghy and her class, pictured on the front steps of the Richmond Hill Public School in 1915. Front row, left to right: - Innes,Laverne Wright, -, -, Doc Atkinson,Lewis Sims,Art Leach,Bill Innes,Jim Grainger,Alfred Grainger,- Burns,- Warren Second row: -, -, Bertha Hopper,Alice Innes,- Stong,- Tindall, -, -, -, -, - Battie,- Smith,Audrey Tuck Third row: - Smith,- Battie,Ida Blanchard,Isobel Wilson,- Raymer,Betty Hewetson,- Smith Back row: -, -, Peter Savage, -, - Flanigan; Donald Wren, -, -, -, -, Ted Bennett,Bert Grainge
44 Benson Avenue. Aunt Margaret Cowie is on the right. Taken May 4, 1912. Donated by William Rumble.
Dr. W.R. Pentland practised medicine in Richmond Hill from 1910 until he retired to California in 1919.
Dr. Lillian Langstaff, guest speaker at the inaugural meeting of the Women's Institute in 1913 and member of the Horticultural Society's first Flower Show Committee in 1914.
Lillian Langstaff's first car, a Ford Model T.
Dr. Rolph Langstaff with the Ford Model T circa 1914.
Lillian and Rolph Langstaff after church.
The Langstaff children, Carroll and James circa 1913
The Langstaff children, Carroll and James circa 1914
James and Carroll Langstaff circa 1916
James and Carroll Langstaff circa 1918
A member of the Savage family and his Ford Model T
A.J. Hume 1858-1943 Clerk of the Village of Richmond Hill
The John Dunlop family.
William H. Graham with his horse & buggy on his father's farm north of Crosby Ave. c1910.
Emma and Peter Routledge of Oak Ridges. Peter Routledge was appointed postmaster in 1889. c.1910.
Installing the Oak Ridges Post Office flag pole. Peter Marsh Routledge is lying on the ground with his head in the hole, being watched by his brother Charles and mother Emma (Watson) Routledge.
The Routledge farm in Oak Ridges. Left to right: Peter Austin Routledge, and his sons Marsh, Charlie, and Watson.
The Routledge farm in Oak Ridges.Watson is driving a 1914 Mogul, a 2 cylinder engine that ran on coal oil.
The Routledge farm in Oak Ridges. Watson is rolling the field.
Mr. and Mrs. William Harrison.
Jacob Eyer and his wife Elizabeth Heise on their 50th wedding anniversary, 1912.
The family of Jacob Eyer and Elizabeth Heise on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.
The Jacob Eyer house & store with children at the gate. c.1912.
A winter view of the Jacob Eyer house with a child at the gate. c.1912.


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This electronic finding aid to the local historical photos of Richmond Hill is provided courtesy of the Richmond Hill Public Library.