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Chapter 7
The Neighbours at Mid-Century
Table of Contents

Title Page
Author's Preface
1 The Road through Richmond Hill
2 First Peoples on the Land
3 The European Settlers Arrive
4 From Miles' Hill to Richmond Hill: The Birth of a Community
5 Tories and Reformers
6 Stagecoach Lines and Railway Tracks
7 The Neighbours at Mid-Century
Beyond the Village Centre
Assorted Residents of Langstaff Road West in the Early 1840s
Hallowe'en Pranks at Langstaff Corners
Elgin Mills
Entertaining Girls at Twickenham Farm
Jefferson, Bond Lake, Oak Ridges
"The Passing of Headford Mill"
Headford and Dollar
Carrville, Patterson, and Temperanceville
Markham and Whitchurch, Vaughan and King
8 Fire Brigades and Fence Viewers
9 Picture Post Card Village of the 1880s and 1890s
10 Rails through Richmond Hill
11 The Flowering of Richmond Hill
12 The Village Transformed
Table of Illustrations

Assorted Residents of Langstaff Road West in the Early 1840s

Lot 36 in 1st Concession was then owned by Jeremiah Atkinson, farmer, who used to keep sheep and also a shepherd boy following the flock, sometimes on foot, sometimes on horseback.

Same lot after that owned and occupied by his son-in-law, Barnabas Lyons, who built a sawmill about the year 1845.

On said lot, in the valley of the east branch of the River Don, there was also a house in same valley, perhaps on road allowance, whereas the road at that time was not yet opened where it now is.

There was also about that time three colored men living in same valley, Moro, Brooks and Beverly by name.

In 1839 said house was occupied by Edward Jackson; the same house after that by Rice Botsford, who died about the year 1846.

There was also a man received in the Tunker Church, who, in the fall of 1843, was baptised in that stream between five and ten rods south of Bostford's house, George Klinck by name.

There was also in the aforesaid fall of 1843, a little boy lost, who was found in the same valley not far from Bostford's house, Samuel Magor by name, who lived with his father Adam Magor, on west end of Lot 37 in 1st Concession.

Henry Horne,"A Brief History of the Early Settlers on This Line," Local History Collection, Richmond Hill Public Library, p. 1.


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