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Author's Preface
1 The Road through Richmond Hill
2 First Peoples on the Land
3 The European Settlers Arrive
4 From Miles' Hill to Richmond Hill: The Birth of a Community
5 Tories and Reformers
6 Stagecoach Lines and Railway Tracks
7 The Neighbours at Mid-Century
8 Fire Brigades and Fence Viewers
9 Picture Post Card Village of the 1880s and 1890s
10 Rails through Richmond Hill
11 The Flowering of Richmond Hill
12 The Village Transformed
Table of Illustrations
1   for communication with the Town of York and the rest of the
2   in 1794 moved the government offices to York (now Toronto). Simcoe's progressive
3   the 4th Concession Line of the Township of York between Lots 20 & 21 [and] got to York
4   laying down His Excellency's Route from York to Lake Huron.
5   that there is an easy Portage between York and the Waters which fall into Lake Huron of
6   you have been enabled to trace between York & Lake Huron, is of great importance & must
7   run straight as an old Roman road, from York to Holland Landing. The
8   Bay, where he founded the town of York. Next, he laid plans for two major roads to
9   road from Holland Landing south to York. In May, his colleague Alexander Aitkin
10   Bay "had cattle driven to him from York in six days." Equally important, "half the
11   years, he moved back and forth from York to Montreal, and from London to New York, in
12   open a cart road from the harbour at York to Lake Simcoe. Four days later, thirty
13   Yonge Street was completed from York to the Holland
14   way from Georgian Bay to the village of York "in five days, & said they could have
15   of Lot 46E, although he was living "at York." But from there all the way north to
16   house" on this property.] Lot 66E James Pitney (York), three-quarters of an acre partly
17   36W Stephen Colby, "sometimes at York," half acre partly cleared. Lot 36E Abner
18   by a British soldier in an incident at York.
19   more resentful. Colonial officials at York and Niagara began to fear the possiblity of
20   Hill, Bond spent most of his time in York, running various business enterprises and
21   because they impressed the officials at York with their connections, their experience, or
22   were appointed by the authorities at York. Nicholas Miller was one of those appointed as
23   enthused the Upper Canada Gazette of York, would "benefit this country materially, as it
24   entire length of Yonge Street, from York to Newmarket, provincial surveyor
25   Richmond Hill itself. Closer to York, and with their streams and mills, York
26   his wife, and two sons arrived in York at the end of June 1797, then travelled up
27   of a public market that was to open in York the next year, where we could sell any of the
28   on foot to the new provincial capital at York.
29   and drove many of the settlers to York in search of food. Peter Buckendahl of
30   they preferred the society of York, such as it was, to the hardships of pioneer
31   George moved on to Niagara, then eventually York, where he prospered in the retail
32   (about sixteen miles) north of York also presented advantages to the Upper
33   de Puisaye's followers arrived at York. Colonial officials gave them rations,
34   and thawing ground made the road to York impassable for days at a time. There were
35   and his businesses north from the town of York to land he owned at the corner of Yonge
36   Simcoe's new provincial capital at York. On August 26, he contracted to build a large
37   Miles prospered during his few years in York. He worked as a contractor and lumber
38   1800 his various business endeavours in York seem to have encountered rough times. 3
39   same trade that he had at Genesee and York. Across the road, on Lot 45 West, he operated
40   by the dull routine of garrison duty at York during the fall and winter of 1812-13.
41   and temporarily occupied the town of York. Everyone knew where James Fulton and
42   that "while the Enemys forces were in York," Lyon or Lyons was seen "drawing with his
43   the urban establishment figures in York - a traditional farm-versus-town,
44   though a precarious one, between York and the Upper Lakes. Yonge Street ended at
45   families in the countryside north of York - especially since for many years he was the
46   apparently healed, and he continued on to York and western Upper Canada, returning east to
47   enough to greet the daily stagecoach from York or Holland Landing, a new transportation
48   themselves with the colonial elite in York. They felt themselves superior to the
49   re-election as Reform members for York. Again in 1834 and 1836, following a
50   Mackenzie, the fiery Scot who sat for York in the Assembly, served as the first mayor of
51   district. With many friends among York's leading citizens, they naturally allied
52   Richmond Hill and all of York, together with Metropolitan Toronto - had
53   was wounded in the American attack on York, and rose to the rank of colonel. After the
54   established regular coach service between York and Holland Landing in 1828, the
55   stage operating between Newmarket and York. Southbound stages arrived at 9:00 a.m. and
56   in April 1865, the province sold the York roads to the York County Council for
57   Street immediately north of the York town limits. Crushed stone would be laid six
58   in August 1850 announced the sale of the "York Roads" to Toronto businessman James
59   1822, in Tipperary, Ireland, and came to York, Upper Canada, two years later, where he
60   the Highlands of York to Bond Lake

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