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Carrville United Church Cemetery is located on the north side of Rutherford Road, west of Bathurst Street. The church, originally Methodist, was built about 1857 on land donated by Thomas Cook, storekeeper, mill owner and postmaster in the rural hamlet of Carrville. The oldest known burial in the cemetery dates back to the mid 1860s, but no records are available. Many of the older markers have been placed in a cairn.

Notable burials include the church's benefactor Thomas Cook and his brother William.

A complete transcription of burials at Carrville United Church Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:

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Bone (Plot 1.1)
Ellarby/Cook (Plot 2.1)
Prentice (Plot 4.2)
Deadman (Plot 6.2)
Baker (Plot 6.1)
Reaman (Plot 6.3)
Leaf/Brillinger (Plot 9.1)
Brillinger (Plot 10.1)
Atkinson (Plot 10.2)
Atkinson (Plot 10.3)
Grainger (Plot 11.2)
Ness (Plot 11.1)
Ness (Plot 12.1)
Cairn (Plot Cairn, southeast face)
Cairn (Plot Cairn, northwest face)
Cairn (Plot 13 southwest)
Braithwaite (Plot 12.3)
Tennyson (Plot 12.5)
Tennyson (Plot 12.6)
Champion (Plot 11.7)
Coombs (Plot 11.5)
Coombs (Plot 11.6)
Deadman (Plot 8.2)
Buse (Plot 8.3)
Summers (Plot 8.4)
Prentice (Plot 10.5)
Prentice (Plot 10.6)
Prentice (Plot 10.7)
Sheppard (Plot 8.5)
Cook (Plot 7.4)
Badger (Plot 7.3)
Bone (Plot 8.1)

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