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Thornhill Community Cemetery is located to the south of St. Luke's Roman Catholic Cemetery, at the north-east corner of John Street and Church Lane in Thornhill. It was established as a non-denominational burial ground in 1867. It also encorporates some graves moved from a small Methodist cemetery on Yonge Street. The cemetery is still active, but burials at this time are limited to existing plot holders.

The oldest burial in the cemetery is that of Matthias Sanders, who fell in the battle of York in 1813 and was re-interred in Thornhill Community Centre when it opened. Also of note is the northeast section of the cemetery, or "Pauper's Corner", where the remains of 20 or so inmates of the former Langstaff Jail Farm, which stood at the corner of Yonge Street and Highway 7, are interred. There is nothing to mark these graves, likely those of indigents who died at the Jail Farm and had no family to claim them.

A complete transcription of burials at Thornhill Community Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:


Rutledge (Plot N1.3)
Wilkinson (Plot N2.1)
Doerr (Plot N2.3)
Rankin (Plot N2.4)
Grainger (Plot N3.1)
Grice (Plot N3.2)
Smith (Plot N3.3)
Lundy (Plot N3.4)
Johnston (Plot N4.1)
Gale (Plot N4.2)
Pillar (Plot N5.1)
Monkman (Plot N5.2, N5.3)
Woods (Plot N6.1)
Dean (Plot N6.2)
Dean (Plot N6.3)
Harris (Plot N6.4)
Cogswell (Plot N7.1)
Lubbock (Plot N7.2)
Lubbock (Plot N7.3)
Dean (Plot N7.4)
Stephenson (Plot N7.5)
Fisher (Plot N8.1)
Couperthwaite (Plot N8.3)
Brown (Plot N9.2)
West (Plot N10.1)
Cook (Plot N10.2)
West (Plot N11.1a)
Nelson (Plot N11.2)
Francis (Plot N11.3)
Carman (Plot N12.1)
Chatterly (Plot N12.6)
Chapman (Plot N14.1)
Holmes (Plot N14.2)
Holmes (Plot N14.3)
Holmes (Plot N14.4)
Holmes (Plot N14.5)
Shuter (Plot N15.1)
Holmes (Plot N15.2)
Davis/Davidson (Plot N16.1)
Woods (Plot N16.2)
Dunning (Plot N17.2)
Unknown (Plot N17.3)
Murray (Plot N17.4)
Manning (Plot N19.1)
James (Plot N19.2)
James (Plot N20.1)
James (Plot N20.2)
Jackson (Plot N20.3)
James (Plot N21.1)
James (Plot N21.2)
McDougall (Plot N21.3)
Dewsbury (Plot N21.4)
Dewsbury (Plot N21.5)
Kyle/Wiley (Plot N22.1)
Chapman (Plot N22.3)
James (Plot N22.4)
James (Plot N22.5)
Thompson (Plot N23.1)
Boyle (Plot N23.2)
Bowes (Plot N23.3)
Suddaby (Plot N24.1)
Bowes (Plot N24.2)
Dewsbury (Plot N24.3)
Smith (Plot N25.1)
Gordon (Plot N25.2)
Chapman (Plot N25.3)
Lyon (Plot N25.4)
Barker (Plot N25.5a)
Harper (Plot N26.1)
Ford (Plot N26.2)
Ward (Plot N26.3)
Barker (Plot N26.4)
Pearson (Plot N27.2)
Lyon (Plot N27.3)
Clark (Plot N27.4)
Topping (Plot N28.1)
Charlton (Plot N28.2)
Lowery (Plot N28.3)
Musselman (Plot N29.3)
Scott (Plot N29.5)
Cox (Plot N32.1)
Mills (Plot N33.2)
Sutterby (Plot N33.3)
Keys (Plot N33.4)
Arnold (Plot N34.1)
McGregor (Plot N34.2)
Gibbs (Plot N34.3)
Teasdale/Teare (Plot N35.1)
Hooper (Plot N35.3)
Clark (Plot N35.5)
Jones (Plot N35.6)
Cox (Plot N36.1)
Stephenson (Plot N36.4)
Cox (Plot N36.5)
Bell-Smith (Plot N36.6)
Bennett/White (Plot N37.1)
Cox (Plot N37.2)
Simpkins (Plot N37.3)
Gordon (Plot N38.1)
Chapman (Plot N38.3)
Cummer (Plot N38.4)
Challoner (Plot N38.5a)
Challoner (Plot N38.5b)
Bennett (Plot N39.3)
Duncan (Plot N40.1)
Gibbs (Plot N40.2)
Hemingway (Plot N40.3a)
Barr (Plot N40.3b)
Bilich (Plot N40.4)
Gibb/Oulton (Plot N41.1)
McDowell (Plot N41.2)
Hughes (Plot N41.4)
Brotherton (Plot N42.2)
Brown (Plot N42.3)
Hands (Plot N43.1)
Wice (Plot N43.2)
Cooper (Plot N43.3a)
Bowes (Plot N44.1)
Graham (Plot N44.3)
Boyle (Plot N44.4)
McKean (Plot N44.4c)
Coltman (Plot N44.5)
Hicks (Plot N45.1)
Finley (Plot N45.2)
Oliver (Plot N45.3)
Wakelin (Plot N45.4)
Hicks (Plot N46.1)
Thomson (Plot N46.2)
Risebrough (Plot N47.1)
Tooley (Plot N47.2a)
Tooley (Plot N47.2c)
Finlay/Rainey (Plot N48.1)
Findlay (Plot N48)
Becketts (Plot S55.7)
Rush (Plot S55.5)
Topping (Plot S50.3)
Barker (Plot S50.1)
Hord (Plot S49.1)
McDonald (Plot S49.2)
Bowes (Plot S48.4)
Grainger (Plot S48.3)
Davidson (Plot S48.1)
Fuller (Plot S47.1)
Nash (Plot S47.2)
Acey (Plot S47.3)
Clarke (Plot S47.4)
Allan (Plot S46.3)
Fisher (Plot S46.2)
Fisher (Plot S45.1)
Johnson (Plot S45.2)
Marshall (Plot S44.3)
Wice (Plot S44.2)
Stephenson (Plot S43.2)
Wice (Plot S44.1)
Stephenson (Plot S43.3)
Rankin (Plot S43.5)
Pease (Plot S43.6)
Teasdale (Plot S43.7)
Miller (Plot S43.9)
Ellis (Plot S42.5)
Elson (Plot S42.3)
Risebrough (Plot S41.1)
Duncan (Plot S41.2)
Elson (Plot S41.3)
Evans (Plot S41.4)
Ness (Plot S40.1)
Phillips (Plot S40.2)
Lita Phillips? (Plot S40.3)
Weldrick (Plot S39.4)
Ross (Plot S39.3)
Bowes (Plot S38.2)
Cox (Plot S38.1)
Charlton (Plot S37.4)
Chatterley (Plot S36.2)
Bowes (Plot S37.3)
Bell (Plot S36.1)
Thompson (Plot S35.3)
Charlton (Plot S35.2)
Gordon (Plot S35.1)
Richardson (Plot S34.1)
Pearson (Plot S33.2)
Teasdale (Plot S33.4)
Luesby (Plot S33.5)
Bennett (Plot S32.5)
Hunter (Plot S32.3)
Pearson (Plot S32.1)
Campbell (Plot S31.3)
Wilson (Plot S31.4)
Brown (Plot S31.5)
Brown (Plot S31.6)
Bain (Plot S30.5)
Chapman (Plot S30.4)
Simpkins (Plot S30.2)
Millyard (Plot S29.2)
Andrews (Plot S29.3)
Carr (Plot S28.4)
Darling (Plot S28.3)
Wraggitt (Plot S28.1)
Watson (Plot S28.2)
Sanders (Plot S26.1)
Lindsay (Plot S27.1)
Weldrick (Plot S26.2)
Robinson (Plot S25.1)
Mulholland (Plot S25.2)
Shepherd (Plot S25.3)
Sigsworth (Plot S24.1 & S24.2)
Cox (Plot S23.1)
Beatty (Plot S23.6)
Bowman (Plot S23.7)
Kirkpatrick (Plot S22.3)
Cox (Plot S22.1)
Jacobs (Plot S21.1)
Westcott (Plot S21.2)
Clay (Plot S21.3)
Matthews (Plot S20.6b)
Williams (Plot S20.6)
Williams (Plot S20.5)
Toppin (Plot S20.3)
Toppin (Plot S20.4)
Mundey (Plot S20.1)
Hewgill (Plot S19.1)
Hewgill (Plot S19.2)
Hewgill (Plot S19.3)
Hewgill (Plot S19.5)
Barnes (Plot S19.6)
Bradley (Plot S19.8)
Dean (Plot S19.9)
Dean (Plot S19.10)
Bowes (Plot S18.3)
Smith (Plot S18.1)
Hooper (Plot S17.4)
Ludford (Plot S16.2)
Munshaw (Plot S16.1)
Martin (Plot S15.1)
McConnell (Plot S15.2)
McConnell (Plot S15.3)
McConnell (Plot S15.4)
McConnell (Plot S15.5)
Pegg (Plot S14.4)
Ramsden (Plot S14.3)
Smellie (Plot S14.2)
Webster (Plot S13.1)
Hobbs (Plot S13.2)
Jarrott (Plot S12.4)
Ludford (Plot S12.3)
Chapman (Plot S12.2)
Chapman (Plot S12.1)
Lane (Plot S11.1)
Lane (Plot S11.2)
Lane (Plot S11.3)
Garton (Plot S11.4)
Claxton (Plot S10.2)
Lane (Plot S10.1)
Lane (Plot S9.1)
Myers (Plot S8.1)
Roddick (Plot S9.2)
Risebrough (Plot S8.4)
Caldwell (Plot S8.3)
Caldwell (Plot S8.2)
D'Evelyn (Plot S7.2)
Dickson (Plot S6.3)
Hoshel (Plot S6.2)
Reid (Plot S6.1)
Arnold (Plot S5.1)
Boynton (Plot S5.5)
Boynton (Plot S5.5a)
Trott (Plot S4.4)
Erwin (Plot S4.5)
Johnson (Plot S4.2)
Johnson (Plot S4.1)
Husband (Plot S3.1)
Clements (Plot S3.3)
Ganton (Plot S2.3)
Quantz (Plot S2.2)
Cherry (Plot S2.1)
Leggott (Plot S1.8)
Leggott (Plot S1.7)
Button (Plot S1.6)
Mortley (Plot S1.5)
Button (Plot S1.3)
Appleby (Plot S1.2)
Cowan (Plot S1.1)

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