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Holy Trinity Cemetery is located on the west side of Yonge Street, just south of Royal Orchard Drive, in Thornhill. This was the original site of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, which was moved to Brooke Street in 1950.

The oldest date of death in the cemetery is that of Rebecca Thixton Willson, who died in 1804. Her remains were moved to Holy Trinity from her original burial site on the family farm at Yonge and Steeles in 1940, along with the remains of her husband, John Willson, who died in 1829 and was originally interred at East Gwillimbury. Other notable tombstones include:

  • Colonel Robert Moody, killed in the 1837 Rebellion as he made his way down Yonge Street from Richmond Hill to warn the government of the approaching rebels.
  • Garibaldi Langstaff and his family.
  • Donald Ben Marsh, second Bishop of the Arctic, whose unique handcarved stone reflects distinctive motives of Northern Canada.
  • Reverend George Mortimer, first rector at Holy Trinity, whose monument bears extensive inscriptions describing his life and work.

A complete transcription of burials at Holy Trinity Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:

For views of the church and grounds, now located at 140 Brooke Street (north of Centre Street, west of Yonge Street in Thornhill), click here.


Watson (Plot 362)
Hugo (Plot 259)
Smith (Plot 257a)
Lawrence (Plot 125)
Moodie (Plot 249)
Boyington (Plot 356a)
Boyington (Plot 356b)
Watson (Plot 357)
Dudden (Plot 505)
Nelles (Plot 107c)
Langstaff (Plot 127)
Johnson (Plot 351)
Doak (Plot 352)
Lemon (Plot 498)
(Plot 499a)
(Plot 499b)
Young (Plot 108)
Reeveley (Plot 129b)
Simpson (Plot 129a)
Cross (Plot 244)
Cross (Plot 245)
Kirby (Plot 500a)
Mason (Plot 500b)
Cook (Plot 497g)
Cook (Plot 497f)
Cook (Plot 497e)
Cook (Plot 497d)
Cook (Plot 497c)
(Plot 497b)
Cook (Plot 497a)
Kirby (Plot 349)
Wright (Plot 347)
Nicholson (Plot 110)
Thorne (Plot 111)
Puckering (Plot 133)
Clay (Plot 241)
Tuck (Plot 346)
Lane (Plot 493d)
Clapham (Plot 493c)
Clapham (Plot 493b)
Clapham (Plot 493a)
Pears (Plot 494)
Watson (Plot 495)
Hooper (Plot 496c)
Hooper (Plot 496b)
Hooper (Plot 496a)
Ryal (Plot 340)
Ryall (Plot 342)
Hooper (Plot 343)
Cook (Plot 344)
Vanhorn (Plot 345)
Bennet (Plot 492)
Linfoot (Plot 488)
Cook (Plot 487b)
Cook (Plot 487a)
Cooper (Plot 490)
Cook (Plot 491)
Paxton (Plot 339)
Hingston (Plot 489)
Gaby (Plot 338a)
Wilcocks (Plot 114)
Mair (Plot 237)
Boothby (Plot 333)
Dewar (Plot 334)
Dewar (Plot 335)
Dewar (Plot 336)
Trent (Plot 484)
Chadwick (Plot 482)
Ostertag (Plot 481)
Lemon (Plot 480d)
Lemon (Plot 480c)
Lemon (Plot 480b)
Lelliott (Plot 331)
Meek (Plot 329)
Fisher (Plot 136)
Drury (Plot 119)
McKenzie (Plot 139)
Foote (Plot 478)
Pherrill (Plot 33)
Stephenson (Plot 35)
White (Plot 31)
Sharpe (Plot 30b)
Jupp (Plot 30a)
Seager (Plot 29)
Edey (Plot 231)
Durie (Plot 321)
Johnson (Plot 472)
Harding (Plot 474)
Wood (Plot 473)
Brown (Plot 475)
Scholfield (family tombstone surrounded by markers) (Plot 470)
Woods (Plot 471)
Seager (Plot 319)
Whale (Plot 318)
Lelliott (Plot 229)
Drake/Robinson (Plot 26)
Kane (Plot 28)
Holland/MacKinnon (Plot 23)
Pearson (Plot 22)
Robinson (Plot 21)
Pexton (Plot 227)
Mortimer (Plot 314)
Mortimer (Plot 469a)
Willson (Plot 468)
Tulloh (Plot 465)
Brunskill (Plot 464)
Parsons (Plot 312)
Boyle (Plot 17)
Stephenson (Plot 18)
Ball (Plot 20)
Stephenson (Plot 15)
Weaver (Plot 14)
Thorne (Plot 308)
Ramsden (Plot 306)
Frizzell (Plot 304)
Frizzell (Plot 303)
Ramsden (Plot 302)
Ramsden (Plot 301)
Cross (Plot 9)
Horne (Plot 12)
Horne (Plot 8)
McQuay/Tiffin (Plot 6)
Gallanough (Plot 221)
Ganton (Plot 296)
Ganton (Plot 297)
Ganton (Plot 298)
Pexton (Plot 450)
Barker (Plot 293)
Richards (Plot 3a)
Richards (Plot 3b)
Cross (Plot 2)
Johnson (Plot 4)
Smith (Plot 1b)
Smith (Plot 1a)
Foote (Plot 218)
Fish (Plot 217)
Gould (Plot 216)
Fish (Plot 215)
Atkinson (Plot 287)
Snowdon (Plot 446a)
Snowdon (Plot 446b)
Charlton (Plot 449a)
Charlton (Plot 449b)
Bowes (Plot 448)
Bowes (Plot 447c)
Bowes (Plot 447b)
Bowes (Plot 447a)
Shepherd (Plot 440)
Lane (Plot 283)
Hord (Plot 281)
Booth (Plot 163)
Stephenson (Plot 141)
Watts (Plot 142a)
Watson (Plot 142b)
Stong (Plot 443)
Charlton (Plot 444)
Maxwell (Plot 439)
Wiles (Plot 438)
Holland (Plot 437c)
Holland (Plot 437b)
Holland (Plot 437a)
Rutlidge (Plot 275)
Wiles (Plot 431)
Elgie (Plot 430)
Brett (Plot 273)
Wray/Friel (Plot 166)
Chapman (Plot 415)
VanHorn (Plot 418)
Cook (Plot 413)
Elgie (Plot 412)
Scholfield (Plot 411)
Cook (Plot 410)
Langstaff (Plot 409)
Taylor (Plot 408)
Totty (Plot 269)
Watson (Plot 170)
Garside (Plot 149a)
Browne (Plot 172)
Pattison (Plot 173)
Bailey (Plot 268)
Medd (Plot 400)
Medd (Plot 401)
Cogswell (Plot 403)
Herron (Plot 407)
Bailey (Plot 406)
English (Plot 398)
Cook (Plot 397)
Cooper (Plot 396)
Cook (Plot 395b)
Cook (Plot 395a)
Gallanough (Plot 265a)
Gallanough (Plot 265b)
Sheppard (Plot 194a)
McCague (Plot 153)
Smith (Plot 152)
Van Nostrand (Plot 155)
Sheppard (Plot 194b)
Hakney (Plot 385)
Kirby (Plot 388)
Cooper (Plot 389)
Williams/Tibbs (Plot 179)
Holdsworth (Plot 264)
Unknown (Plot 382)
Newton (Plot 383)
Hurt (Plot 378)
Clapham (Plot 156)
Everingham (Plot 157)
Hiner/Frost (Plot 157b)
Calhoun (Plot 369)
Thornton (Plot 364)
Wilcocks (Plot 261)
Grainger (Plot 187)
Hayes (Plot 183)
Johnson/Ashton (Plot 181)
Flowers/Allen (Plot 180)
May (Plot 182)

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