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This small cemetery is located on the south-west corner of Bathurst Street and King Sideroad in King Township. The land was deeded to the Presbyterian Church in 1853 by James Stewart. The earliest two burials recorded are that of his mother, Agness Scott Stewart and sister-in-law, Sarah Stewart, who both died in 1854. In fact, all stones documented in the cemetery are those of the Stewart family and their descendants and in-laws.

The church, built on the site in 1858, last held services in 1912 and subsequently was used as a residence. In 1971, the building was to be demolished to allow for road widening, but was moved and rebuilt as a home elsewhere in King Township. The cemetery itself is somewhat in disrepair, but a number of the stones are still visible.

A complete transcription of burials at Temperanceville Presbyterian Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:


Folliott (Plot 19)
Stewart (Plot 16)
Rogers (Plot 17)
Rogers (Plot 23)
Stewart (Plot 12)
Norman (Plot 11)
Stewart (Plot 10)
Scott (Plot 9)
Stewart (Plot 4)
Stewart (Plot 2)
Stewart (Plot 1)

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