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St. Luke's Cemetery is located behind the former St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church at 15 Church Street, just north of John Street, in Thornhill. The parish of St. Luke's, encompassing the church and the cemetery was established in 1846. In 1972, a new church building was built on Green Lane, and the original church building was sold to St. Vladimir's.

As one of the earliest Catholic burial grounds in York Region, St. Luke's served the Roman Catholic residents over a wide area, from York Mills to Woodbridge to Richmond Hill. Notable burials include:

  • Matthew Teefy, the village of Richmond Hill's long-time postmaster, 1850 to 1911, and Richmond Hill's first village clerk and treasurer, from 1873 to 1904. At the time of his death in 1911 he was Canada's longest serving and oldest postmaster. Teefy's son John was a prominent Basilian priest and teacher at St. Michael's College, University of Toronto. His tenure there is commemorated by "Teefy Hall", one of the main buildings on the St. Michael's campus
  • Edward Seager and his wife Catherine Cain, one of the founding families of St. Luke's. Edward, son of an Anglican minister in his native England, emigrated to Canada in 1830 with his twin brother Edmund, and converted to Catholicism when he married Catherine. Edmund's grave is in Holy Trinity Cemetery in Thornhill

A complete transcription of burials at St. Luke's Roman Catholic Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:

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Brophy (Plot A.14)
Williams (Plot A.17)
Sliney (Plot B.16)
McCaffrey (Plot C.11)
Cosgrove (Plot C.12)
Jacques (Plot C.15)
Farber (Plot C.17)
Stewart (Plot C.18)
Dowdall (Plot C.19a)
Dowdall (Plot C.19b)
Tully (Plot C.20a)
Casey (Plot D.28)
Whelan (Plot D.24)
Horan (Plot D.22)
Collins (Plot D.20)
O'Rourke (Plot D.18)
Naughton (Plot D.16)
Quinlan (Plot D.14b)
Lynett (Plot D.11)
Ryan (Plot E.12)
Quinlan (Plot E.15)
Seager (Plot E.18)
O'Hara (Plot E.20)
Horen (Plot E.22)
Fahey (Plot E.23)
Greene (Plot E.26)
Burns (Plot E.27)
O'Neill (Plot F.16)
Patton (Plot F.14)
Breen (Plot G.12)
McDonnell (Plot G.14)
Quinlan (Plot G.15)
Naughton (Plot G.16)
Garvin (Plot G.19)
Muldoon/Quinlan (Plot G.20)
Powers (Plot G.22)
Fahey (Plot G.25)
Sliney (Plot G.27)
Devine (Plot G.29)
Mulock (Plot G.30)
Cull (Plot H.21a)
Ryan (Plot H.21b)
McGravy (Plot H.24)
Coleman (Plot H.25)
O'Neill (Plot H.26a)
Hennessey (Plot H.26b)
Bransfield (Plot H.28)
Seager (Plot I.30a)
Seager (Plot I.30b)
Lealess (Plot I.27)
Whelan (Plot I.26b)
Whelan (Plot I.26a)
Murphy (Plot I.24b)
Murphy (Plot I.24a)
Cain (Plot I.21)
Russell (Plot I.14)
Deegan (Plot I.11)
Gajner (Plot J.14a)
Gaynor (Plot J.14b)
Kelly/Kelley (Plot J.22)
Powers (Plot K.22)
Utz/Russell (Plot K.23)
Fitzgerald (Plot K.24)
O'Connor (Plot K.27a)
O'Connor (Plot K.27b)
O'Connor (Plot K.27c)
McWilliams (Plot K.29)
Brown (Plot K.32)
Kelly (Plot L.29)
Riley (Plot L.27)
Burk (Plot L.25c)
O'Hearn (Plot L.25b)
Burke (Plot L.25a)
Quinn (Plot L.22b)
Quinn (Plot L.22a)
O'Brien (Plot L.20)
Casey (Plot L.18b)
Casey (Plot L.18a)
Powers (Plot L.16)
Garvin (Plot L.14)
Haffey (Plot L.13)
Breen (Plot L.12b)
Breen (Plot L.12a)
Sullivan (Plot L.11)
White (Plot M.27)
Enwright (Plot M.24b)
Nolen (Plot M.24a)
Devine (Plot M.22)
Mason (Plot M.21)
McHenery (Plot M.19)
Hearley (Plot M.18)
Clary (Plot M.15c)
Horgan (Plot M.15b)
Gannon (Plot M.15a)
Moore (Plot M.14)
Purcell (Plot M.13b)
Kane (Plot M.13a)
Fairbanks (Plot M.12c)
Archer (Plot M.12b)
Archer (Plot M.12a)
Murphy (Plot M.11b)
Murphy (Plot M.11a)
Menton (Plot N.12a)
Ross (Plot N.12b)
Seager (Plot N.14a)
Seager (Plot N.14b)
Moriarty (Plot N.17)
Moriarty (Plot N.23a)
Enright (Plot N.23b)
Meehan (Plot N.24)
Maddock (Plot N.26)
Cosgrove (Plot N.28)
Cosgrove (Plot N.31)
Gavin (Plot O.24)
Ryan (Plot O.23b)
Sheehan (Plot O.23a)
Foley (Plot O.21)
Maquire (Plot O.19)
Brazziel (Plot O.18c)
Deliworth (Plot O.18b)
Brazill (Plot O.18a)
Kilfedden (Plot O.17)
Collins (Plot O.16b)
Mahoney (Plot O.16a)
Magner (Plot O.15)
Murphy (Plot O.12c)
Murphy (Plot O.12b)
Seager (Plot O.12a)
Doyle (Plot P.12)
Morley (Plot P.14)
Riley (Plot P.15)
McPhillips (Plot P.17)
Gleeson (Plot P.21)
Hearn (Plot P.28b)
O'Rourke (Plot P.30)
McLaughlin (Plot Q.33a)
Hogan (Plot Q.25)
Ryan (Plot Q.24b)
Ryan (Plot Q.24a)
Flynn (Plot Q.23)
Corcoran (Plot Q.22b)
Milloy (Plot Q.22a)
O'Connor (Plot Q.18b)
Naughton (Plot Q.18a)
Gartner (Plot Q.16)
Glass (Plot Q.15)
Christian (Plot Q.14)
Hocter (Plot Q.12)
Stagman (Plot Q.11b)
Swiney (Plot Q.11a)
McMahon (Plot Q.10)
Moriarty (Plot R.10)
Lamb (Plot R.12a)
Burns (Plot R.12b)
McCague (Plot R.13)
Malone (Plot R.14)
McElroy (Plot R.16)
Hosey (Plot R.18a)
Hosey (Plot R.18b)
Wiggins (Plot S.31)
Lynett (Plot S.27)
Boyle-Going (Plot S.23)
Sheridan (Plot S.19)
(Plot S.18b)
McDonald (Plot S.16)
Withers (Plot S.15)
McCague (Plot S.13)
Crawford (Plot S.11d)
Teefy (Plot S.11c)
Teefy (Plot S.11b)
Teefy (Plot S.11a)
Haffey (Plot T.10)
Claffey (Plot T.11)
O'Dowed (Plot T.15)
Deegan (Plot T.16)
Slyne (Plot T.17a)
Slyne (Plot T.17b)
Brennan (Plot T.19)
Joyce (Plot U.31)
Coleman (Plot U.29)
Murphy (Plot U.27)
Cranney (Plot U.21)
Hinchey (Plot U.19)
O'Rourke (Plot U.18)
Cooney (Plot U.15b)
Cooney (Plot U.15a)
Kendrick (Plot U.13)
Duffy (Plot U.11)
Corkery (Plot V.10)
Finnie (Plot V.14)
Barry (Plot V.16)
Sliney (Plot V.17)
Lynett (Plot V.19b)
Lynett (Plot V.20)
Gavin (Plot V.27)
Haffey (Plot V.30)
Gorman (Plot W.34)
Grady (Plot W.32)
Fury (Plot W.23)
Lynett (Plot W.20)
Gorman (Plot W.19)
Glancy (Plot W.17)
Brophy (Plot W.16)
Simpson (Plot W.14)
Sullivan (Plot W.13c)
Bannan (Plot W.13b)
Bannan (Plot W.13a)
McGuin (Plot W.11)
Hopper (Plot W.10)
Ryan (Plot X.14)
Ryan (Plot X.15)
Coleman (Plot X.18)
McDonald (Plot X.20)
Claffey (Plot X.27)
Harper (Plot X.30)
Brazier (Plot X.32)
Pitts (Plot X.34a)
Foley (Plot X.34b)

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