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Temperanceville United Church Cemetery is located at the north-east corner of Bathurst Street and King Sideroad in Richmond Hill. Originally Love’s Corner, later Temperanceville Methodist Church, the congregation began meeting about 1809 in the home of James Love, a local farmer. In 1835, Love sold one acre of his land to the congregation, and a log church was erected. A brick structure followed in 1854 and was replaced by the current church building in 1897. The grave markers, dating back to 1834, have been gathered behind a picket fence to the east of the church.

Notable burials include the grave of Le Chevalier Michel Saigeon, perhaps the only de Puisaye settler to actually succeed as a pioneer farmer in York. Many of his descendants - he had fifteen children - are buried here as well. His name appears on his tombstone as “Mitchel R. Saigeon” - he had dropped his aristocratic title over the years in Upper Canada.

A complete transcription of burials at Temperanceville United Church Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:

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Hughey (Plot 46)
Sayjon (Plot 47)
Cunningham (Plot 50)
Cunningham (Plot 43)
Saigeon (Plot 51)
Beynon (Plot 42)
Beynon (Plot 41)
Hartney (Plot 40)
Wells (Plot 39)
Hughey (Plot 38)
Dale (Plot 37)
Pinder (Plot 36)
Hughey (Plot 35)
Saigeon (Plot 32)
Jones (Plot 31)
Jones (Plot 30)
Anthony (Plot 29)
Gamble (Plot 28)
Saigeon (Plot 22)
Lawrance (Plot 21)
Lawrance (Plot 20)
Virgin (Plot 19)
Love (Plot 18)
Pindar (Plot 17)
Jones (Plot 65)
Ross (Plot 16)
Beynon (Plot 15)
Saigeon (Plot 14)
King (Plot 13)
Ross (Plot 12)
Cunningham (Plot 11)
Saigeon (Plot 10)
Hughey (Plot 9)
Ross (Plot 49)
Beynon (Plot 8)
Unknown (Plot 7)
Beynon (Plot 6)
Virgin (Plot 5)
Ovens (Plot 3)
Jones (Plot 1)

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