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The Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located on the west side of Yonge Street, just north of Major Mackenzie Drive, in Richmond Hill. An unusual feature of this cemetery is its octagonal vault, or dead-house, built in 1863. Octagonal buildings including houses, barns, schoolhouses and vaults were briefly popular in the mid-19th century in North America, promoted by Orson Squire Fowler of New York. Very few examples of any type remain in Ontario.

The oldest documented burial in the cemetery is that of Abner Miles, one of Richmond Hillís founding citizens, who died in 1806, although local tradition suggests that an aboriginal Canadian was buried there prior to Milesí interrment. The land the cemetery now occupies was originally one of several properties owned by Miles, deeded to the church by his son James Miles and eventually purchased by the church elders from James Milesí heirs in 1840, as the younger Miles had neglected to sign the deed.

Although the cemetery is associated with the Presbyterian Church, the burials are not limited to church members. Among the notable burials in Richmond Hill Presbyterian Cemetery:

  • Abner and James Miles
  • Reverend William Jenkins, first Presbyterian minister from 1817 to 1843
  • Reverend James Dick, Presbyterian minister from 1847 to 1877, first chairman of the Richmond Hill Public Library Association
  • Benjamin Barnard, schoolmaster, who is sometimes credited with naming Richmond Hill after the song "The Lass of Richmond Hill"
  • Colonel David Bridgeford, who accompanied Colonel Robert Moodie on his ill-fated ride down Yonge Street to warn the government during the 1837 Rebellion (see Holy Trinity Cemetery)
  • James Langstaff and his wife Mary Ann Miller
  • Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery, Richmond Hillís most famous murder victims, buried in unmarked graves in the south-west corner of the cemetery

A complete transcription of burials at Richmond Hill Presbyterian Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:

For views of the church and grounds, click here.


Mason (Plot N2.1)
Ferguson (Plot N3.4)
Ferguson (Plot N3.5)
Marsh (Plot N3.9)
Wilson (Plot N3.11)
Williams (Plot N4.1)
Jones (Plot N4.2)
Jenkins (Plot N5.1)
Jenkins (Plot N5.2)
Wells (Plot N5.4)
Wells (Plot N5.5)
Marsh (Plot N5.6)
Marsh (Plot N5.7a)
Marsh (Plot N5.7b)
O'Brien (Plot N6A.1)
Siver (Plot N6A.2)
Wright (Plot N6A.3)
Powell (Plot N6A.4)
Falconer (Plot N6A.6)
Morison (Plot N6B.1)
Boyle (Plot N6B.2)
Boyle (Plot N6B.3)
Marsh (Plot N6B.4b)
Wilkie (Plot N7.2)
Law (Plot N7.3)
Wright (Plot N7.6)
Gregory (Plot N7.7)
Grant (Plot N7.8)
Ambler (Plot N8.1)
Clifford (Plot N8.2)
McConnell (Plot N8.3)
Clifford (Plot N8.5)
Clark (Plot N8.6)
Wright (Plot N8.7)
Hutchison (Plot N8.8)
Raymond (Plot N9.1)
Richards (Plot N9.3)
Bennett (Plot N9.5)
Bennett (Plot N9.8)
Welsh (Plot N10.1)
Gillies (Plot N11.7)
Lymburner (Plot N12.2a)
Van Tassel (Plot N12.4)
McKenzie (Plot N12.6)
McDonald (Plot N12.8)
Enouy (Plot N13.6)
MacDonald (Plot N13.7)
Cooper (Plot N13.8)
Walls (Plot N13.10)
Barnard (Plot N13.32)
McKinnon (Plot N14A.1)
McKinnon (Plot N14A.2)
McKinnon (Plot N14A.3)
Harris (Plot N14A.6)
Smith (Plot N14B.1)
McKinnon (Plot N14B.3)
McKinnon (Plot N14B.4)
Unknown (Plot N14B.5)
White (Plot N14B.6)
White (Plot N14B.7)
Young (Plot N14B.8)
White (Plot N14B.9)
Tyrrell (Plot N14B.11)
Sims (Plot N15.3)
Willson (Plot N15.5)
Willson (Plot N15.7)
Derry/McMahon (Plot N15.9)
Cameron (Plot N16.1)
Velie (Plot N16.3)
Frank (Plot N16.5a)
Hall (Plot N16.7)
Hall (Plot N16.9)
Peebles (Plot N16.11)
Newton (Plot N16.12)
Wright (Plot N17.1)
Wright (Plot N17.2)
Harrington (Plot N17.3)
Wright (Plot N17.4)
Hopper (Plot N17.6)
Hopper (Plot N17.7)
Izzard (Plot N17.9)
Boe (Plot N18.1)
Cox (Plot N18.4)
Ludford (Plot N18.5)
MacBeth (Plot N19.2)
Beeston (Plot N19.3)
Redditt (Plot N19.4)
Wright (Plot N19.5)
Glover (Plot N19.6)
Sanderson (Plot N20.3)
Crosby (Plot N20.4)
Crosby (Plot N20.5)
Hewis (Plot N20.7)
Hollingshead (Plot N21.1)
Bricknell (Plot N21.2)
Duncan (Plot N21.3)
Fairchild (Plot N21.4)
Mansbridge (Plot N21.6)
Hume (Plot N21.7)
Denby (Plot N21.8)
Burr (Plot N21.11)
Hopper (Plot N21.12)
Dabinett (Plot N21.13)
Steele (Plot N21.14)
Hick (Plot N21.15a)
Bond (Plot N21.16)
Hall (Plot N21.17)
Graham (Plot N21.18)
Barrow (Plot N21.19a)
Burns (Plot N21.20)
Stanford (Plot N21.21)
Miller (Plot N21.22)
McMurchy (Plot N22.1)
Piper (Plot N22.3)
Schell (Plot N22.4)
Stong (Plot N22.5)
Blain (Plot N22.6)
Russell (Plot N22.7)
McNair (Plot N22.8)
French (Plot N22.9)
Stonehouse (Plot N22.10)
Topper (Plot N22.12)
Savage (Plot N22.14)
Cruickshank (Plot N22.15)
Risebrough (Plot N22.16)
Dickinson (Plot N22.17)
Allen (Plot N22.18)
Helmkay (Plot N22.19)
Ellis (Plot N22.20)
McConaghy (Plot N22.24)
Prichard (Plot N23.1)
Hickson (Plot N23.4)
Sheppard (Plot N23.5a)
Sheppard (Plot N23.5b)
Glass (Plot W1.15)
Steele (Plot W1.16)
Powell (Plot W1.17)
Hopper (Plot W1.18)
Elson (Plot W1.19)
Baker (Plot W1.20)
Mapes (Plot W1.23)
Espey (Plot W1.24)
Boyle (Plot W1.27)
Hunt (Plot W1.29)
Mackie (Plot W1.32)
Hickson (Plot W1.33)
Scott (Plot W1.34)
Petch (Plot W1.35)
Hill (Plot W1.36)
Charles (Plot W1.38)
Cook (Plot W1.42)
Harding (Plot W2.17)
Dolan (Plot W2.18)
MacDonald (Plot W2.19)
Hart (Plot W2.20)
Savage (Plot W2.21)
Palmer (Plot W2.22)
Lawrence (Plot W2.23)
Boyle (Plot W2.24)
Tyndall (Plot W2.25)
Harding (Plot W2.26)
Burnett (Plot W2.27)
Quantz (Plot W2.28)
Pratt (Plot W2.29)
Shepherd (Plot W2.31)
Hislop (Plot W2.33)
Dutcher (Plot W2.34)
McLean (Plot W2.35)
Robinson (Plot W2.36)
Heeley (Plot W2.37)
Tuck (Plot W2.38)
Drury (Plot W2.39)
Deadman/Chellew (Plot W2.42)
Valliere (Plot W2.43)
Kirkland (Plot W3.16)
Savage (Plot W3.17)
Coulter (Plot W3.18)
Cooper (Plot W3.19a)
Humberstone (Plot W3.19b)
Switzer (Plot W3.21)
Alcombrack (Plot W3.23)
Nicholls (Plot W3.24)
Blanchard (Plot W3.25)
Dixon (Plot W3.26)
Eyer (Plot W3.27)
Curtis (Plot W3.29)
Grant (Plot W3.30)
Whitmore (Plot W3.31)
Benson (Plot W3.32)
Sloan (Plot W3.33)
Shaw (Plot W3.35)
Pugsley (Plot W3.36)
Name(s) Unknown (Plot W5.23 (original plot unknown))
(Plot W5.28)
Schuurman (Plot W5.30)
Campbell (Plot Vault 1)
Langstaff (Plot Vault 2)
Law (Plot Vault 3)
unknown (Plot Vault 4)
unknown name (Plot W5.6a (original plot unknown))
Mager (Plot W5.6)
McCall (Plot W5.4)
Burnett (Plot W5.3a)
Annable (Plot W5.5)
Caseley (Plot W3.4)
Hodgson (Plot W3.5)
Savage (Plot W3.7)
Wiley (Plot W3.8)
Startup (Plot W3.9)
Currie (Plot W3.10)
Lowery (Plot W3.13a)
Hanna (Plot W3.13b)
McLean (Plot W3.14a)
Vanderburgh (Plot W3.15a)
Smith (Plot W3.6b)
McLean (Plot W3.14b)
McLean (Plot W3.14c)
Brown (Plot W2.3)
Wiley (Plot W2.8)
Rand (Plot W2.1)
Blanchard (Plot W2.2)
Mortson (Plot W2.4)
Monkman (Plot W2.5)
Storey (Plot W2.6)
Savage (Plot W2.7b)
Savage (Plot W2.7a)
Hart (Plot W2.11)
Glass (Plot W2.12)
Miller (Plot W2.13)
Redditt (Plot W2.14)
Thomson (Plot W2.15)
Clark (Plot W2.16a)
Ritchie (Plot W2.16b)
Moodie (Plot W1.14)
Vanderburgh (Plot W1.13)
Boyle (Plot W1.12)
Vanderburgh (Plot W1.11)
Peach (Plot W1.10)
Powell (Plot W1.9)
Carr (Plot W1.8)
Russell (Plot W1.6)
Mortson (Plot W1.4)
Harris (Plot W1.3)
Brownlee (Plot W1.5)
Wright (Plot S22.1)
Soules (Plot S22.2)
Morgan (Plot S22.3)
Kirkus Clarkson (Plot S22.4)
Hutchinson (Plot S22.8a)
McCaffrey (Plot S22.7)
Wiley (Plot S22.9)
Wilton (Plot S22.11)
Granger (Plot S21.13b)
Smyth (Plot S21.11)
Mortson (Plot S21.9b (original plot # unknown))
Sharp (Plot S21.9)
Lymburner (Plot S21.8)
Newton (Plot S21.6)
Drury (Plot S21.4)
Drury (Plot S21.2)
Savage (Plot S21.1)
Sheppard (Plot S20.1)
Savage (Plot S20.3)
McConaghy (Plot S20.2)
Savage (Plot S20.4)
Savage (Plot S20.5)
Velie (Plot S20.6)
Palmer (Plot S20.7)
Gaby (Plot S20.8)
Blanchard (Plot S20.10)
McLean (Plot S19.1)
Keall (Plot S19.10)
Garbutt (Plot S19.9)
Mager (Plot S19.8)
McConaghy (Plot S19.3)
Arnold (Plot S19.4)
Duncumb (Plot S19.6)
Risebrough (Plot S19.7)
Keall (Plot S19.11)
Mason (Plot S18.5)
Kirkland (Plot S18.6)
Gregg (Plot S18.12)
McLaughlan (Plot S18.7)
Risebrough (Plot S18.8)
Risebrough (Plot S18.9)
Miller (Plot S18.10)
Robinson (Plot S18.11)
Empringham (Plot S18.13)
Graham (Plot S17.19)
Miller (Plot S17.17)
McNair (Plot S17.15)
Risebrough (Plot S17.13)
Risebrough (Plot S17.14)
Gartley (Plot S17.11)
Bell (Plot S17.10)
Langstaff (Plot S17.9)
Langstaff (Plot S17.8)
Darling (Plot S17.6)
Cameron (Plot S17.4)
Anderson (Plot S17.1)
Vanderburgh (Plot S16.1)
Vanderburgh (Plot S16.5)
Vanderburgh (Plot S16.7)
Vanderburgh (Plot S16.8)
Sims (Plot S16.9)
Cameron (Plot S16.11)
Cameron (Plot S16.12)
Hodgson (Plot S16.18)
Cox (Plot S16.16)
Conger (Plot S16.15)
Stotts (Plot S15.26)
Hutchinson (Plot S15.25)
Miller (Plot S15.17)
Sutherland (Plot S15.14)
Tyndall (Plot S15.4)
White (Plot S15.6)
Morgan (Plot S15.11)
Sanvidge (Plot S15.22)
Day (Plot S14.1)
Thompson (Plot S14.2)
Mulholland (Plot S14.13)
Harrison (Plot S14.12)
Bowes (Plot S14.11)
Munshaw (Plot S14.5)
Munshaw (Plot S14.4)
Smith (Plot S14.3)
Smellie (Plot S13.1)
Dickson (Plot S13.3)
Crosby (Plot S13.4)
Sterling (Plot S13.5)
Munshaw (Plot S13.6)
Munshaw (Plot S13.7)
Hounsfield (Plot S13.15)
Endecott (Plot S13.18)
Gamble (Plot S13.19)
McCague (Plot S13.20)
Rupert (Plot S12.14)
Arksey (Plot S12.1)
Morgan (Plot S11.1)
Morgan (Plot S11.2)
Munshaw (Plot S11.6)
Gilmore (Plot S11.7)
Gilmore (Plot S11.8)
Gamble (Plot S11.9)
Gamble (Plot S11.10)
Gamble (Plot S11.11)
Gamble (Plot S11.13)
Davidson (Plot S11.14)
unknown (Plot S11.12)
Hord (Plot S11.15)
Hord (Plot S11.16)
Killips (Plot S10.33)
Woods (Plot S10.27)
Gamble (Plot S10.14)
Gamble (Plot S10.12)
Gamble (Plot S10.11)
Gamble (Plot S10.10)
Langton (Plot S10.9)
Munshaw (Plot S10.8)
McKendry (Plot S10.6)
Smith (Plot S10.4)
Smith (Plot S10.5)
Hopkins (Plot S10.1)
Fleck (Plot S9.2)
Leek (Plot S9.3)
Leek (Plot S9.4)
Miller (Plot S9.5)
Pugsley (Plot S9.6)
Shuter (Plot S8.10)
Trench (Plot S8.9d)
Trench (Plot S8.9c)
Trench (Plot S8.9b)
Trench (Plot S8.9a)
Starr (Plot S8.8b)
Williams (Plot S8.7b)
Williams (Plot S8.7a)
Dexter (Plot S8.5b)
Dexter (Plot S8.5a)
Sisley (Plot S8.4)
Atkinson (Plot S8.3)
Stark (Plot S7.22)
Stark (Plot S7.21)
West (Plot S7.19)
Baker (Plot S7.18)
Newton (Plot S7.15)
Trench (Plot S7.14)
Trench (Plot S7.11)
Ness (Plot S7.12)
Trench (Plot S7.13)
Wood (Plot S7.10)
Wood (Plot S7.9)
Playter (Plot S7.7)
Playter (Plot S7.5)
McLean (Plot S6.2)
McLean (Plot S6.4)
Arnold (Plot S6.5)
Arnold (Plot S6.6)
Arnold (Plot S6.8)
Douglas (Plot S6.13)
Lawrence (Plot S6.14)
Vailes (Plot S6.15)
Pogue (Plot S6.16)
Graham (Plot S6.17)
Nicholls (Plot S5.13)
Warren (Plot S5.1)
Atkinson (Plot S5.12)
Playter (Plot S5.8)
Arnold (Plot S5.7)
Arnold (Plot S5.6)
Miles (Plot S5.5)
Miles (Plot S5.4)
Miles (Plot S5.3)
Burkitt (Plot S4.4)
Langstaff (Plot S4.5)
Falconbridge (Plot S4.9)
Langstaff (Plot S4.8)
Langstaff (Plot S4.7)
Langstaff (Plot S4.6)
Playter (Plot S4.11)
Hurtley (Plot S4.13)
Clay (Plot S4.20)
Clark (Plot S4.28)
Lawrence (Plot S4.19)
Lawrence (Plot S4.21)
Lawrence (Plot S4.22)
Simpson (Plot S4.25)
Harrison (Plot S4.15)
Reid (Plot S3.1)
Lewis (Plot S2.6)
Jefferson (Plot S2.14)
Hislop (Plot S2.13)
Hislop (Plot S2.12)
Hislop (Plot S2.11)
Espey (Plot S2.10)
Stavert (Plot S2.9)
Dick (Plot S2.8)
McNair (Plot S2.7)
Arnold (Plot S2.4)
Williams (Plot S1.21)
Quantz (Plot S1.15)

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