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Headford United Church Cemetery is located on the west side of Leslie Street just south of Major Mackenzie Drive East. The settlement of Headford, also known as Headford Mills was a distinct community in the 19th century, including a number of mills, shops and a general store. Today, the most recognizable vestige remaining is the Headford United Church with its adjoining cemetery. Originally a Methodist Episcopal Church, it was dedicated in 1850. Services were held in a small frame building known as Leek’s Chapel until the brick church was built in 1882.

The cemetery itself includes burials dating back to the 1850s. Its stones reflect life and death in the 19th century, including the 1888 deaths of three children of the Carmichael family within two weeks, presumably of a contagious disease such as cholera, diptheria or scarlet fever. It also contains the gravestones of prominent Headford families such as the Leeks and the Mapes.

Because the cemetery is now completely surrounded by a subdivision, burials have been restricted to plot owners only.

A complete transcription of burials at Headford United Church Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:

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Brett (Plot A.1)
Mapes (Plot A.2)
Sutton (Plot A.3)
Wise (Plot A.4)
unknown (Plot A.5)
Leek (Plot B.1)
Leek (Plot B.2)
Leek (Plot C.1)
Leek (Plot C.2)
Leek (Plot C.3)
Helmkay (Plot C.6)
Phillips (Plot C.7)
Phillips (Plot C.8)
Phillips (Plot C.9)
Mintern (Plot C.10)
Leek (Plot D.1)
Leek (Plot D.2)
Leek (Plot D.3)
Leek (Plot D.4)
Leek (Plot D.5)
Burr (Plot D.7)
Helmkay (Plot D.8)
Helmkay (Plot D.9)
Helmkay (Plot D.10)
Helmkay (Plot D.11)
Teasdall (Plot E.1)
Teasdall (Plot E.2)
Teasdall (Plot E.3)
Elson (Plot E.4)
Ritter (Plot E.5)
Phillips (Plot E.6)
Phillips (Plot E.7)
Craig (Plot F.1)
Petch (Plot G.1)
Mapes (Plot G.2)
Mapes (Plot G.3)
Mapes (Plot G.4)
Jobbitt (Plot G.5)
Jobbitt (Plot G.6)
Ouderkirk (Plot G.7)
Mapes (Plot G.8)
Mapes (Plot G.9)
Reynolds (Plot G.10)
Reynolds (Plot G.11)
Brett (Plot H.1)
Wellman (Plot H.2)
Carmichael (Plot I.1)

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