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St. John’s Anglican Church is located at 12125 Yonge Street, between 19th Avenue and the Stouffville Sideroad. The church itself, erected as a frame building in 1848 and now brick-clad, is the oldest church edifice in Richmond Hill. On the grounds is an historical marker commemorating the de Puisaye settlement of Windham, founded in 1799 by a group of exiled French royalists and abandoned in 1806.

Many of the older markers have been gathered together close to the church building in the "pioneer frame."

Notable burials include:

  • Captain Martin McLeod of Drynoch, who donated the land for the church and cemetery. McLeod’s son, Colonel James McLeod, became well-known as one of the North-West Mounted Police and a founding father of Alberta, where Fort McLeod was named for him.
  • Henry St. George, son of Laurent Quetton St. George, one of the original de Puisaye settlers.
  • Many members of the Legge and Kerswill families, founding families in the area.

A complete transcription of burials at St. John's Anglican (Jefferson) Church Cemetery is available from the Ontario Genealogical Society:

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Kerswill (Plot A.1)
Kerswill (Plot A.2)
MacLeod (Plot A.3)
MacLeod (Plot A.4)
Fry (Plot A.5)
St. George (Plot A.6)
Legge/Hill (Plot A.7)
Mortson (Plot A.8)
Mortson (Plot A.11)
Tedford (Plot A.10)
Copeland (Plot B.10)
Mortson (Plot B.9)
Robinson (Plot B.8)
Williamson (Plot B.5)
Brown (Plot B.4)
Newbery (Plot B.3)
Newbery (Plot B.2)
Wallington (Plot B.1)
Johnson (Plot PnrB.8)
Paige (Plot PnrA.1)
Gorman (Plot PnrB.7)
Biggins (Plot PnrB.6)
Bell (Plot PnrA.2)
Jefferson (Plot PnrB.1)
Brunskill (Plot PnrA.3)
Routledge (Plot H.1)
Wootten (Plot PnrA.4)
Newbery (Plot PnrB.3)
Newbery (Plot PnrB.4)
Wootten (Plot PnrA.5)
Arnold (Plot PnrB.5)
Bridgeman (Plot PnrA.6)
Newbery (Plot B.6)
McKenzie (Plot PnrA.7)
Routledge (Plot H.2)
Sutherland (Plot PnrA.8)
Fishburn (Plot B.7)
Campbell (Plot PnrA.9)
Bell (Plot PnrB.9)
Gregory (Plot PnrA.10)
Gorman (Plot PnrB.10)
Biggins (Plot PnrA.11)
Cunningham (Plot H.3)
Biggins (Plot PnrA.12)
Paige, Johannah (Plot PnrB.12)
Biggins (Plot PnrA.13)
Creaser (Plot PnrB.13)
Jefferson (Plot Ca.1)
Gale (Plot Ca.2)
Gale (Plot Ca.3)
Gale (Plot Ca.5)
Kerswill (Plot Cc.1)
Kerswill (Plot Cc.3)
Clift (Plot Cc.4)
Kerswill (Plot Cc.2)
Dove (Plot Cb.8)
Thompson (Plot Cb.7)
Thompson (Plot Cb.6)
Atkinson (Plot Cb.5)
Atkinson (Plot Cb.4)
MacKenzie (Plot D.1)
Thompson (Plot D.2)
Dibb (Plot D.3)
Curtis (Plot D.4)
Thompson (Plot D.5)
Harper (Plot D.6)
Park (Plot D.7)
Harper (Plot D.8)
Windross (Plot E.10)
Bell (Plot E.7)
McCollum (Plot E.5)
Brunskill (Plot E.4a)
Robinson (Plot E.2)
Johnson (Plot E.1)
Suttle (Plot F.9 (leaning against E.1 - Johnson))
Legge (Plot F.1)
Legge (Plot F.2)
Legge (Plot F.3)
Legge (Plot F.4)
Larkin (Plot F.5)
Legge (Plot F.6)
Legge (Plot F.7)
Legge (Plot F.8)
McKenzie (Plot F.10)
Phillips (Plot F.11)
Jones (Plot F.12)
Reid (Plot F.13)
Foulkes (Plot G.13)
Owen (Plot G.12)
Strangways (Plot G.10)
Coleman (Plot G.9)
Coleman (Plot G.8)
Douglas (Plot G.7)
Alleyne (Plot G.6)
Bernard (Plot G.5)
Legge (Plot G.4)
Legge (Plot G.3)
Legge (Plot G.2)
Legge (Plot G.1)
Newbery (Plot H.5)
Newbery (Plot H.6)
Legge/Whitney (Plot H.7)
Dibb (Plot H.8)
Harper (Plot J.14 (leaning against H.9))
Robinson (Plot J.13)
Atkinson (Plot J.11)
Beynon (Plot J.10a)
Beynon (Plot J.10)
Brackin (Plot J.9)
Legge (Plot J.8)
Ash (Plot J.6)
Carter (Plot J.3)
Routledge (Plot J.2)
Routledge (Plot J.1)
Fry (Plot K.6)
Legge (Plot K.11)
Rendell (Plot K.11a)
Hudgin (Plot K.12)
Kerswill (Plot L.19)
Brodie (Plot L.13)
Alleyne (Plot L.8)

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This electronic finding aid to the cemeteries serving the population of Richmond Hill is provided courtesy of the Richmond Hill Public Library.