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Surnames on this stone
  Haydock (1)
  Jackson (1)
  James (14)
  Michener (1)
  Reesor (1)

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Southwest face

In memory of
Eliza Ann James
daughter of
Joseph James,
wife of Thomas James,
born 16th Mar. 1845,
died 19th Aug. 1908,
interred in Beamsville Cemetery

Harriet James
born 24th Oct. 1857
died 2nd Aug. 1936.


Southeast face

In memory of
John Charles James.
born 8th Dec. 1855,
died 24th Apr. 1912.
Emily Martha James
born 11th Oct. 1850,
died 30th June. 1924.
Frederick Reesor James
Nov. 4. 1859 -- Nov. 25. 1943

Northeast face

In memory of
Joseph James,
born 20th Sept. 1812,
died 20th Nov. 1876.
Frances Reesor,
wife of the above
born 15th Jan. 1821,
died 23rd June 1878.
Lydia James
born 15th Apr. 1853,
died 27th Jan. 1892.
Robt. James, b. Mar. 4, 1776, d. Jul. 30, 1870.
his wife Mary Haydock,
d. May 1, 1828, Æ 51 yrs.
also his wife Isabella Michener
d. Nov. 9, 1871, Æ 89 yrs.
removed from Willowdale Cemetery June 2, 1915.

Northwest face

Frances Maria Jackson
wife of David James
May 7, 1849, Mar. 10, 1918
David James
May 14, 1843, May 8 1923

Hurd Roberts

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