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Surnames on this stone
  Cox (4)
  Hood (1)
  Kirby (1)
  Wilson (1)

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Main Cox gravestone

This plot is a little unusual in that there is a portion of an original gravestone embedded in the ground. There is a newer marker surrounded by smaller markers for the individual family members, rather than the information about these people being recorded on the main stone.The east face has an open Bible with the name "COX" inscribed. The markers are for Eleanor Wilson, Mary Hood, and William Cox. The west face has only the initial "C" inscribed with the markers for Emma Kirby and Robert H. Cox.The north face is where the fragment is embedded in the ground.

Eleanor Wilson

wife of
John Wilson
died July 1, 1852
aged 27 years

Mary Hood & William Cox [son]

Mary Hood
wife of
William Cox
died Nov. 3, 1882
aged 82 years
native of
Co. Antrim, Ireland

son of
Wm. & Mary Cox
died Feb. 13, 1863
aged 24 years

William Cox

William Cox
Nov. 7, 1872
82 years
native of Co.
Antrim, Ireland

Emma Kirby

Emma Kirby
wife of
Robert Cox
died Aug. 30, 1921
aged 77 years

Robert Cox

Robert H. Cox
May 29, 1915
81 years

[footstone] M.V.C.

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