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Bone, Elizabeth (nee Wilson)(1841-1923)
Carrville Cemetery
Little, Eva F. (nee Wilson) (d.1971)
Thornhill Cemetery
Reid, Margaret (nee Wilson) (1793-1874)
Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church
Willson, Rebecca (nee Thixton) (1743-1804)
Holy Trinity Cemetery
Wilson, Ann (1828-1892)
Saint Luke's Cemetery
Wilson, Eleanor (1825-1852)
Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church
Wilson, Emma Louise (1875-1926)
Thornhill Cemetery
Wilson, Johnston (1832-1884)
Thornhill Cemetery
Wilson, Margaret (nee Johnston) (1831-1889)
Thornhill Cemetery
Wilson, Mary A. (nee Moore) (1853-1929)
Thornhill Cemetery
Wilson, Thomas (1824-1887)
Thornhill Cemetery
Wilson, William B. (1822-1906)
Thornhill Cemetery

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This electronic finding aid to the cemeteries serving the population of Richmond Hill is provided courtesy of the Richmond Hill Public Library.